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News > Price of Parts in SA: True Cost of Cars

The 2015 Kinsey Report is the go-to name in parts pricing and for both the individual, fleet owners and car dealerships.

Here at William Simpson, we understand that the cost of owning a car doesn’t stop as soon as you drive off our showroom floor or take delivery anywhere in South Africa. The additional costs of upkeep of other brands, especially when servicing out of warranty, can take a relatively cost-saving car to a never-ending money pit.

So here is the list of our cars that made it on Kinsey’s Report for being great vehicles with relatively low-cost replacement parts and crash repair:

The Entry-Level City Car
Datsun Go & Nissan Micra

The Kinsey Reports says: “The new Datsun GO is a clear winner here...It’s a great first-time purchase, making owning a new car’s a solid little vehicle. Best for servicing parts is...the [Nissan] Micra.”

Popular Crossovers
Nissan X-Trail

The Kinsey Report says: “[The] most economical Crossover to service is...the Nissan X Trail."

Single Cab Bakkies
Nissan NP200 & Nissan NP300 Hardbody

The Kinsey Report says: "Servicing honours go to Nissan [NP300] Hardbody...[and] the NP200. With the...crash parts...the two Nissans [are] in 1–2 position."

Here at William Simpson, we’ve got you covered! Not only are our cars priced right but our service department is equipped with quality parts and highly-skilled technicians. Enquire now at our Parts and Accessories department or contact us directly on 021 710 3400

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