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News > Nissan SA continues to show their commitment to skills development during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has presented a few obstacles in terms of education and training and the Nissan SA’s Training Academy has found a way to help. They have become the first Original Equipment Manufacturer to introduce e-learning which will also lead to certification.

Lizette Crause, General Manager Customer Quality, Network Development & Training, Nissan South Africa says “As the only South African Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that currently provides e-certification learning, Nissan is leading the charge in the country with the aim to provide dealership and service employees with the correct product knowledge and skills to sell Nissan products and fix the vehicles first-hand, thus helping us to successfully bridge the gap between the dealer and customer’s needs.”

So, what is E-certification? It opens a world of opportunity and combines the world of daily work and training allowing learners to finish their theoretical training, which they could previously only experience in classrooms. There are several activities to complete, and these can be uploaded and assessed by an online trainer. Content that is available also includes videos. Because of all the engaging information and content available, learners can even complete their practical’s at their own dealerships.
This platform was launched at a very appropriate time, not only because of the Pandemic, but also because of Nissan’s plans to invest in the South African economy by locally producing the Nissan Navara.

An investment amount of R3 000 000 to South Africa’s economy has been made, by locally producing the Nissan Navara. This not only has an overall impact on the local economy annually, it also creates over 400 jobs.