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News > Nissan North America And NASA To Collaborate

The US based subsidiary of the Nissan Motor Co., Nissan North America Inc., have announced they are collaborating with the NASA Ames Research Centre in California. The aim is to develop autonomous mobility services for the future. The agreement will build on existing research and development they have already worked on and will include a demonstration in Silicon Valley, where the NASA Ames Research Centre facility is located. This is the latest step forward for Nissan and their vision for Intelligent Mobility (IM).

Nissan have used technology developed by NASA for managing interplanetary rovers, which in 2017 allowed them to unveil Nissan Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM), which is a platform for the management of fleets of driverless vehicles. The new agreement, which is for five years, will allow further joint research and development before SAM is released to the general public.

Nissan have said their goal is to deploy Sam to help third party organizations safely integrate autonomous vehicles into their existing fleets, including using them for public transport, taxi services, logistics, and delivery services. They hope this next stage of the agreement with NASA will lead them to testing SAM in real conditions on public streets. This will be a step nearer to autonomous vehicles becoming the norm.

Nissan North America is not the only arm of the Nissan Motor Co. Ltd dealing with intelligent mobility. Nissan South Africa has integrated IM into several of their models, including the Patrol, the X-Trail, and the LEAF.

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