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News > Nissan LEAF NISMO to Makes World Debut

Nissan LEAF NISMO to Make World Debut

Nissan Cape Town: The Nissan LEAF NISMO has recently gone on sale in Japan, linking for the first time, the excitement and modern technology of the world's finest-selling electric car with a sporty appearance and versatile driving ability.

Nissan LEAF NISMO features improved turning computer for faster acceleration, improved tires and suspension for better handling and ride comfort, as well as a very stylish exterior and interior design.

Here are some of the features:

Nissan LEAF NISMO features

This model is based on the new Nissan LEAF, which was established in October 2017. The brand new LEAF offers the super speed and environmental production of 100% electric powertrain

Nissan LEAF NISMO exterior

Exterior Design

The latest Nissan LEAF features the characteristics layered double wings of the NISMO road vehicle series. Improving without compromising, signaling the high-ranking performance driving provided by its lower center of gravity.

Nissan LEAF NISMO interior

Interior Design

The red accents of NISMO's sporty interior refers to the sense with prominent use, including the three-spoke steering wheel with a red mark centered on it. The panel features a carbon-like finish and electronic with a gun metal finish.


Chassis Performance

Nissan LEAF NISMO's firm 18-inch high grip tires and standard suspension system supplies a comfortable ride and firm handling. Its custom-tuned electric power steering and smart trace control delivers high stability and lane-tracing potential.


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