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News > Nissan is Searching for the Best Gran Turismo Gamers

Nissan Cape Town - Nissan is in search for the next swift generation of PlayStation gamers with a program that gives thousands of gamers a chance to compete in the FIA championships. The top Nissan drivers played a role in creating the new Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation game.

The winner of the competition will win a trip to Japan’s NISMO Festival at the Fuji International Speedway and the headquarters of Polyphony Digital, the developers of the game. A second winner from the Nissan GT Sport Cup racing competition, will be selected as well as.

The games were created by the Sony PlayStation company in partnership with the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, the GT Sport championships, to be the first online sports racing championships approved by the FIA. The game was created 10 years after the launch of Nissan PlayStation GT Academy program, which has given gamers a chance to be a real-life Nissan racer.

The company proved that some of the best and fastest drivers would never have the chance to show their skills if it wasn’t for the games, according to Michael Carcamo, Nissan’s global motorsport director. The gamers went from sitting in front of the screen to sitting behind the wheel of a Nissan.

The competition levels are very fierce because the online racing is no longer an alternate to the real thing, according to Carcamo. To be recognised as an official FIA Manufacturers Series Champion is a remarkable opportunity for gamers. Nissan is looking forward to having the best gamers representing them.

Nissan GT Sport Cup – Global

The fastest gamer, who selects Nissan as their brand, in one of the three FIA Manufacturers Series global regions (America, Asia and Europe) will win the trip to Japan. They’ll also receive customised Nissan branded clothing and coaching from a Nissan/GT Academy mentor at the World Final.

Nissan GT Sport Cup – Europe

In addition, gamers in Europe who select Nissan as their brand in the FIA Manufacturers Series automatically competes in the Nissan GT Sport Cup.

The 36 gamers and an additional 12, who can qualify on-site at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, will compete in the ultimate Nissan-powered PlayStation GT Sport battle.

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