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News > Geneva International Motor Show sees launch of Nissan IMQ Concept Vehicle

Can you imagine advanced technology and design that signals the next generation of crossovers? Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore because Nissan revealed the all-new IMQ concept vehicle at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show.

Seamlessly blending Japanese heritage and state-of-the-art human-centric technology while incorporating the latest invocations in Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the IMQ brings the brand’s future visions to life. It pushes boundaries of what your typical European crossover would look like with its bold features and appearance, yet still reflects Nissan’s role as a pioneer in the crossovers segment.

With a 100% electric motor drive system delivering an instant acceleration, the next generation of e-POWER is at the heart of the IMQ, and further developing from the e-POWER technology currently in the Nissan Note and Serena models in Japan. The IMQ develops a total output of 250 kilowatts and 700 Nm of torque.

To result in a high output, a new multi-motor all-wheel-drive (AWD) system delivers precise control of each wheel, and this combination of e-POWER and AWD is perfect for low-grip conditions like the snowy alpine roads outside Geneva.

The IMQ is fitted with an advanced prototype of Nissan’s ProPILOT driving assistance system and offers additional insight into Nissan’s technology vision for the future. ProPILOT can give enhanced autonomous driving. Nissan’s Invisible-to-visible technology that was unveiled in January 2018 at the CES trade show also makes a feature in this model.

Where exterior and interior merge as one

The IMQ flaunts a clean and effortless design, placing it at the centre of the European C-crossover segment, and sees the exterior and interior merging as one. The model is designed to give a sense of a single continuous surface.

The model also marks a bold new message in Nissan’s traditional design language, and builds on the Nissan badge being integrated into the V-motion grille to give a more subtle execution. The vehicle has strong edges and corners with the grille blending vertically into the hood and horizontally with the front bumper. The hood dons striking features like the chrome-edged cuts and the fender rises from the wheel arches to be tucked under the central section.

To execute the aerodynamic performance, the IMQ features a vertical line drop from the light cluster for separate air to pass down the side at the rear. There’s also a new slim line interpretation of Nissan’s ‘boomerang’ lamp at the upper end and a single tailgate tucks under the fenders to emphasise the design of the hood.

The Nissan IMQ unveils incredible use of three-dimensional ridges on the lower areas of the exteriors to evoke traditional Japanese design – knows as lamellas – around the entire vehicle.

To complete the exterior look of the vehicle, 22-inch alloy wheels with bespoke Bridgestone Connect ‘smart’ tires communicate with the driver via the graphical user interface. Data transmitted includes tire load, pressure, temperature, grip level, wear and optimal tire health to help the IMQ automatically calibrate its in-car control systems.

These traditional Japanese designs blend with contemporary technology when it comes to the interior of the vehicle as well. To create a futuristic appeal and more spacious interior, the doors are hinged on the outside with four individual seats that rise from the lamella-covered floor, giving you a visual link to the exterior.

The front of the cabin has Nissan’s ‘gliding wing’ instrument panel with a centre console that emerges from underneath and stretches between the two front seats.

The seats are sculpted and finished in two-tone 3D technical material and laser-cut into a geometric design that drew inspiration from Japanese kumiko woodwork. This same pattern can also be seen on the door trim and parcel shelf, and the metallic finish of the seat back. You can also see how lamellas have been incorporated into the door trim and back seat uppers as headrest supports.

Ultimate drive needs futuristic control

The IMQ’s interior is focused on the driver, and only the driver by means various features including the graphical user interface which is dominated by an 840-millmeter screen built into the instrument panel.  It resembles a smartphone when powered down but comes to life when powered on to provide e-POWER status and other information. Black is the prominent colour and further use of the colour is made as the lamellas which are always visible behind the screen.

There is also a smaller secondary screen just above the centre console that features the IMQ’s Virtual Personal Assistant to enhance the driving experience and control vehicle functions like navigation.

The IMQ also flaunts an ergonomically shaped steering wheel to maximize the visibility of the instrument panel and put the driver in the most comfortable driving position as possible. The steering wheel also features an added advanced soft-touch paddle shift style function at the back of the wheel.

A technology showcase

To make this vehicle standout even more, it is equipped with Nissan’s Invisible-To-Visible (I2V) technology – a 3D interface where the ‘real world’ merges with the virtual world. I2V is developed by Nissan with the means to help see what may otherwise be invisible. This adds another element of excitement and confidence to the driving experience.

This technology is made possible thanks to Nissan’s Omni-Sensing technology that connects the IMQ to real-world sensing, inside and outside the vehicle’s cabin. The combined information from this real-world together with the virtual world displays in front of the driver and passengers for a mixed-reality driving experience.

This system also helps drivers see around corners and executes precise information about traffic, the causes of the traffic and produces an alternative route enabling a stress-free journey with everyone in the vehicle. Drivers can also enjoy a virtual passenger if driving alone, in the form of a 3D augmented-realityD avatar inside the car.

Nissan has made a commitment to an autonomous future, as this has been presented in the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision, and then shown in the IMQ. Equipped with an advanced prototype ProPILOT driver assistance system that really assists drivers on residential streets, city roads, and highways due to an array of sensors, radars and cameras throughout the car that interpret the road and traffic to deliver that smooth and confident ride.

“The IMQ’s design combines traditional and modern Japanese influencers and shows what’s possible when future crossovers are powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility”, says Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of design at Nissan, “With the IMQ, the interior and the exterior are seamlessly blended together, signalling what our design direction may be for Nissan’s third generation of crossovers in Europe.

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