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News > Europe Buys A New Nissan LEAF Every 12 Minutes

In the three months after Nissan announced the new LEAF it received more than 12,000 orders. That equates to Europeans buying a new LEAF every 12 minutes, quite an achievement for any car manufacturer.

They sold over 283,000 of the first generation LEAF, and it’s thought drivers have been so happy with it they are eager to get their hands on the updated version as soon as it becomes available. They will not be disappointed. The new LEAF has a greater range, improved design, and several new innovations to make the drive safer and more comfortable.

This zero emission vehicle has become the best selling electric car in the world, and as Nissan are continually working to enhance the features of their electrical motors, it’s likely to keep the top spot for some time to come.

Described by some as a mobile power unit, Nissan puts is success down to three main factors – Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving, and Intelligent Integration. Between them they provide a more energy efficient vehicle that has increased torque for a more enjoyable driver experience. They also believe the enhanced safety features make it less stressful to drive, making the same tedious journey to work every day less of a bind.

The improved technology also makes charging the car easier to manage, either at home or work.


These traits, together with a choice of ten colours and a very driver friendly interior, are likely to make this the most popular electrical vehicle of choice.

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