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News > 5.54 Million Units! Record First for Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is clearly in great demand as sales have risen with 5.1% resulting in a staggering 5.54 million units sold in a record number of their first-half of the year sales.

The world’s largest automotive alliance which is Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi recently announced that the unit’s sales at their member companies rose 5.1% to a brand new record of 5,538,530 vehicles in the past six months. A demand increase could be seen in some product segments including crossovers, pick-ups, zero emission electric and hybrid-electric vehicles as well as sports utility vehicles.

The Outlander from Mitsubishi Motors remained the market leader within the SUV market. Renault reported an increase in the demand of their Clio, Captur and Scenic, Nissan had an increased demand for their Note, Serena, X-Trail and Qashqai and Mitsubish Motors’ sales increased with the Eclipse Cross and XPander.

There is a clear demand of electric vehicles which could be seen with both Nissan and Renault with Renault taking 21.9% of the European market with their ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. Nissan saw the demand for the LEAF rising with sales of over 47,000 in the first half and then proceeded with upping the demand thereof by the LEAF becoming the best selling electric vehicle in Europe for the first half of 2018 with a staggering amount of more than 18,000 registrations.

“Our member companies continue to lift unit sales in multiple markets, reflecting our brands’ competitive and attractive offerings. This strong sales performance in the first half of 2018 shows we are on track with the forecast we set in our Alliance 2022 mid-term plan,” said Carlos Ghosn, chairman and chief executive officer of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

There is an annual combined sales forecast of 14 million units by the end of 2022, this figure is up by 30% from the 10.6 million units sold in 2017. The member companies plan on merging even further which will include joint platforms and powertrains which they use as well as sharing innovation in electrification, autonomous driving technologies and connectivity. With all the statistics being accounted for, these companies are responsible for the sale of 1 in every 9 vehicles sold worldwide.

Renault sold 2.1 million vehicles in the first half of 2018 which set a half-year sales record being the second-best seller in Europe and the Captur is their number one seller. Mitsubishi sold a staggering amount of 616,648 vehicles worldwide mainly because of the launch of their new Eclipse Cross which took place over 60 countries. The demand for the XPander, pickups and SUV within Asian countries also counted in favour of Mitsubishi. Nissan sold 2.8 million vehicles worldwide under the Nissan, Datsun and INFINITI brands, which saw the sales growth go up to 10.8%.

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