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Exclusive Launch of 2017 Nissan Navara

Everyone at William Simpson Tokai was pumped to launch the 2017 New Nissan Navara (also known as the NP300) at the exclusive launch event at our HQ in Tokai. The whole day was filled with anticipation and excitement, even before the Navara had hit the lot.

Everyone we mingled with at the event had a chance to see Nissan's next-gen NP300 Navara bakkie in the flesh (so to speak) and shared their loves and likes about the additions and upgrades. Amongst other improvements, the enamoured group got to see the following:

  • Increased ride height - about 20mm more ground clearance
  • Multi-link Rear Suspension - the 5-link suspension & coil springs at the back
  • Diff-lock as standard on the New Nissan NP300
  • Satellite Navigation - comes standard on the top model version of the Nissan Navara
  • Improved consumption - at around 6.4L/100km on a combined cycle 
  • Lower emissions across the range - meaning a more eco-friendly daily commuter

Although our guests only witnessed one of the two versions soon to be released, there was a concensus throughout the night that Nissan has truly "redefined rugged" in the New-look Nissan NP300 Navara!

What you need to know about the New Nissan NP300

If you missed the launch, grab a seat and check out some snaps from the event on Thursday, 16 February in Tokai!

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