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2017 NISSAN NV350:  SA's #1 People Mover and Panel Van

Seen across the country, the Nissan NV350 range includes the SWB and LWB Wide-Body Panel Vans, as well as the popular Impendulo taxi/minibus. All offer industry leading fuel efficiency and maximum cargo space, whether you’re moving people or products from place to place.

The NV350 has an updated styling that maximises comfort and safety with Nissan’s high-standard of manufacturing and engineering, to give you an edge in business or bussing. Keep your business moving forward with Nissan’s Light Commercial Van’s (LCV) on the showroom floor today!

Have a look at our latest Nissan NV350 range below:

NEW NISSAN NV350 Accessories & Design 

The range of NV350’s showcases the versatility and dynamic styling of this bold panel van. The familiar angled grille reflects the serious hauling capabilities of this no-nonsense LCV. Void of over-the-top design or features, the Nissan NV350 has everything you need in a light commercial vehicle.

NISSAN NV350 Specifications & Technology 

The entire range offers ample space for passengers and drivers, as well as a cargo area that can hold its fair share of large items – no matter the industry. Built for business, the Nissan NV350 range is equipped for up to 3.25m long items (and 1.73m wide by 1.6m height available in the cargo areas).

The panel van is manufactured with industry-assisting anchor points for fittings, shelves or hooking mounts, as well as flatter wheel arches, which minimises wasted space and allows for larger items to be carried or stored.

The generously large cab and cargo areas of the NV350 is ideal for commercial use or transport your passengers in comfort and safety with the industry leading minibus conversion.

NISSAN NV350 Safety Features

The ABS and Brake-assist allows you as a driver to handle almost any emergency situation with enhanced precision and power. Driver’s airbag and tensioners give you peace of mind, with zone body crumple zones reduce driver and passenger injury on impacts.

South Africa is known for its unpredictable weather – from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Durban. The NV350’s strengthened and rigid body frame was built to withstand all conditions, while maintaining its stability.


Love what you see? Check out our range of Nissan NV350’s or contact us today to chat about your business or personal vehicle needs and let our highly-trained sales staff at William Simpson assist you.