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2017 Nissan NP200: Stylish good looks meets versatility

The 2017 Nissan NP200 bakkie is built for fast-paced light commercial use, it's for the driver that wants a tough bakkie that never compromises on styling and always turns heads. This half-ton is a hard working addition to the already tough as nails range of Nissan bakkies available from William Simpson.

Have a look at out our range of Nissan NP200 Bakkies below:

NISSAN NP200 BAKKIE Accessories & Design

The Nissan NP200 offers the flexibility and functionality of a bakkie with the comforts and drive of a passenger vehicle. This nifty day-to-day run-around or business essential won’t break your pocket when it comes to maintenance or upkeep, with simple features that are highlighted with clever design.

The exterior styling is enhanced with Nissan’s all-weather finishes, to give your vehicle a lasting look through the toughest weather and environmental conditions.

This workhorses’ interior boasts an impressive space capacity and doesn’t feel cramped for even the tallest among us. Cabin storage is also quite extensive and comes in very useful for long trips and daily commuting.

The Nissan NP200 comes standard with many features but there are a few extras that you can add to make the drive even more enjoyable, safe and versatile by including air-conditioning, power steering, audio-systems, central locking, leather seats, sports bars, bakkie canopy and much more!

NISSAN NP200 BAKKIE Safety Specifications

Safety technology in the range of Nissan NP200’s include ABS, EBD, 3-point seatbelts, impact-absorbing materials in the cabin as well as technologically engineered crumple zones, that reduce impact energy in the cabin during collisions. Across the range, the NP200 bakkie offers a high-standard of safety in its class, giving you peace of mind and confidence knowing that you have Nissan’s engineering brilliance along for the ride.

Love what you see? Check out our range of Nissan NP200’s or contact us today to chat about your business or personal vehicle needs and let our highly-trained sales staff at William Simpson can assist you.