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The all new Nissan 370Z is a new breed of sportscar. The 370Z is the ultimate expression of Nissan’s philosophy of performance, design and innovation that embodies every Z.

With its striking trend-setting improvements in performance and quality, coupled with ultramodern styling make the new Nissan 370Z the ultimate showpiece to satisfy both Nissan’s passion to design the finest sports car and your passion to drive one.


The 370Z’s graceful curves combine to provide it with its striking profile, while 19’ alloy wheels and wide rear wheel arches add an athletic elegance to the car’s contours. The sleek lines of the 370Z provide blistering, exhilarating breath taking performance.

With the added power of the 3.7l VQ V6, Nissan has scrutinized every ounce of the all-new 370Z. The weight was reduced from areas you might expect – hanging the rear hatch and doors to ultra-strong lightweight – as well as in areas you might not – 1.6kg were shaved from the audio system. High-tech materials include a carbon-fibre composite driveshaft that is not only incredibly strong, but also helps the engine rev more quickly, as well as a weight-saving carbon-fibre composite radiator support structure. The new 370Z is shorter, wider, and through the increased use of lightweight materials, it’s lighter and more powerful. One of the most striking element of the 370Z’s all new design is the front and rear "boomerang" style light designs, which gives the vehicle a subtle impression of aggressiveness.


The legend continues in the 370Z with the fourth generation VQ engine. Increased to 3.7l for massive power, this 245kW VQ engine features advanced Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology that continuously tunes valve lift and timing for quicker response and a broader torque curve, while optimising fuel economy and reducing emissions. The 370Z’s SynchroRev automatically adjusts engine speed when you change gears to match the exact speed of the next gear position. When it comes to controlling all this power, the Nissan 370Z gives you a choice of a 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission or a 7-speed automatic with Manual Mode (M-Mode).


The 370Z as a new breed of sportscar. Leave the Intelligent Key in your pocket; just push the button on the door handle to open it. Settle into the stylish leather sports seats and press the engine start button to hear the dynamic burble of the 3.7 litre engine coming to life.

Settle into the stylish leather sports seats with non-slip cloth inserts designed to hold you snugly as you take the curves. For maximum comfort, the 370Z features 4-way driver’s and passenger electric seat adjustment, including manual lumbar adjustment and 4-way height adjustment and to get yourself comfortable. You can even turn on the heated seats if necessary. Automatic fans and vents adjust to meet your set temperature

The 370Z has generous storage space behind the seats and a fold out storage pocket behind the driver’s seat, handy for maps and other documents. Front door pockets with cup holders, glove box and centre console with arm rest creates clever storage spaces for all your needs


Nissan‘s Intelligent Key is a keyless entry system which senses your approach to the car and allows you to unlock the door by just tapping a button on the handle. Once inside, push the start button and start the engine without ever putting a key in the ignition.

The 370Z features a premium audio system, 6-CD in-dash auto-changer with BOSE speakers custom designed for the unique shape of the Z’s interior. The 8 BOSE speakers including 2 subwoofers and the auxiliary MP3 player will fill the cabin with perfect sound.

Controlled from the steering wheel controls, Bluetooth® hands free phone integration allows your mobile phone to be connected to the 370Z via a Bluetooth® connection.


Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), helps you remain in control of your vehicle during critical situations to avoid serious accidents. The VDC system achieves this by comparing the actions of the driver with the momentary vehicle behaviour and controls the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Traction Control Systems (TCS) accordingly, to initiate the appropriate corrective action by selectively braking individual wheels and controlling engine power.

Nissan Premium Braking System provides improved overall brake feel and better fade resistance.

Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) senses the load condition of both passengers and luggage.

In emergency braking situations, Brake Assist (BA) generates extra pressure on the braking system. Brake Assist and ABS work together to give optimum control by preventing wheel lockage when braking.

The dual front airbags reduce the risk of facial and upper body injuries to the driver and passenger in the event of a frontal collision. Dual side airbags are deployed in the event of a side impact to protect the driver and passenger. Roof-mounted dual curtain side impact supplemental airbags drop down in the event of a side impact for added head protection of passengers.

Active head restraints provide additional neck protection for passengers against serious injury from the effects of whiplash in the event of a rear collision. The 370Z’s bodywork is made from high strength aluminium and steel for an exceptionally tough outer shell and maximum peace of mind. The new platform provides improved front and rear crumple zones for added safety in the event of a collision. The energy-absorbing interior steering column compresses during frontal impacts to improve occupant safety significantly. And robust door reinforcements and an anti-intrusion door structure mean impact energy is distributed to the body side structures in the event of an accident.