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Why fit Brake Pads with us at William Simpson?
Nissan’s Genuine Brake Pads are manufactured with high quality materials which allow brake power to remain constant, even under high temperatures. On the other hand, some non-genuine brake/shoes are inferior in heat resistance, which results in brake function deteriorating very quickly - consequentially resulting in the need to have your brake pads/shoes replaced more regularly.

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Need a Full Car Service Quote?

No problem! We offer no obligation quotes on a major car service for all Nissan and Datsun models. Contact our Cape Town service centre today to discuss your car service requirements with one of our friendly Nissan staff or submit a car service centre booking online below:

Our Nissan Service Centre
We have expert technicians that are trained to service and repair most Nissan and Datsun vehicle problems, be it mechanical or electronic. Our technicians continually increase their knowledge of current trends, malfunctions and technical advances to give your car, 4x4, van or fleet of Nissan bakkies, the care and attention it requires to keep it driving safer and for longer.

We at William Simpson are proud not only to be authorised Nissan and Datsun dealers but to also offer professional service and repair on all makes and models. Through our dedication to maintaining the high-standards of Nissan, we supply our customers with genuine Nissan items and Nissan approved parts in all our service and repair jobs.

A great service or repair on your new or used vehicle can enhance its capabilities, make it safer, faster, tougher – possibly allowing you to get more out of your vehicle than you did before by giving you the opportunity to drive farther and more efficiently.

Whether your vehicle is a workhorse or you consider it a work of art, we want to make sure your car performs at its peak. Give us a call or make an online booking enquiry today!